Artisan Harvest Farm

Welcome to Artisan Harvest Farm!

In 2015, we started exploring the many options of small-scale farming on a beautiful piece of land that has been in our family since 1873.  

We started with 30 baby chicks and a few veggies.  We now have 140 chickens, greenhouses, six bee hives, and over an acre of produce.  We plant, weed, and harvest everything by hand.

In 2016, we operated a Farm Stand, in Batavia.  It was a wonderful way to sell our fresh produce, eggs, and honey and meet people who are passionate about fresh, local produce.

This year, we are excited to offer a CSA that delivers fresh local produce from our farm directly to your home!

Our name, Artisan Harvest Farm, is a combination of several ideas. It represents the traditional farming techniques used to produce high quality products.  It also represents the previous generations of farmers that used their creative skills and abilities to adapt to changing conditions, year after year.  A field of dirt is a blank palette.  The conditions, tools, materials, and methods the farmer uses all affect the final product – both for that season and all others that follow.

As new generations take their turn caring for this incredible farm, we strive to preserve the heritage that this ground holds while exploring new options and possibilities.

Thanks for visiting and please contact us with with any questions or tips on weeding.

Dan & Lauren