Wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend

We had a fun and productive weekend at the farm.  We moved both chicken coops (built on hayracks with wheels) over to the “Chicken Habitat”.  It’s always an adventure to watch Dan use the tractor to maneuver the coops. The “Chicken Habitat” is a large fenced area with lots of greens and stumps for the gals to explore, while still allowing them a bit more protection from anything that might enjoy eating them…  Since the coops are on wheels, we can relocate them anywhere on the farm to give them new places to roam.

The newest group is 12 weeks old.  They’ve gone from adorable chicks through a gangly awkward phase (don’t we all…) and now look like small chickens.  We tried to coax them outside yesterday, but most of them are still a bit unsure and choose to stay inside.


After a family cookout, we transplanted broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower until we ran out of daylight.