Flip-flops in February?!?

We didn’t really break out the flip-flops yet, but we have had a very productive February!

  • We got some chicken coops painted and new roosts built on those 70 degree days.  (It’s not breaking child labor laws if he begs to help!)    
  • We joined the Chicagoland CSA Coalition – Band of Farmers and have been meeting with other local farmers to collaborate and share ideas. 
  • We found some antique supplies that we cleaned up and are putting to good use.  An egg basket and scale!  It’s fun to think about what has changed and what remains the same since these were last used.  I just love combining modern technology (Excel spreadsheets, I-Phone timers and camera, etc.) with these old treasures!

  • We celebrated CSA Day (February 24th) on Social Media with over 1,400 other farms. 
  • Our focus for March will be continued planning for our CSA.  We are overjoyed with the enthusiasm that people have for fresh, local produce and we are excited to give them the very best!