There is peace there.

I had to work in Chicago one day last week.  A 30 minute drive and 18 train stops got me to the city.  I love the sights and adventures that the downtown provides, but I also find myself a little on edge.  Managing transportation and pretending to be aware and confident in unfamiliar surroundings is exhausting.  I’ve been to Chicago several times, but never alone.

In the cab on the way back to the train station, the driver asked which side of the station I would like to be dropped.  Since I had no idea, I replied, “Whatever is easiest for you.” He laughed, “You must not come here often”.  Then we started talking about the rain and how he actually likes it because it typically means more business for him.  I explained that I could do with a little less rain so we could get vegetables planted.  “Ahhh… a farm!” The cab driver seemed excited and nostalgic, like maybe he grew up on a farm.  He said knowingly, “There is peace there”.

It was such a beautiful statement.  It stuck with me as the view from my train window changed from buildings to cornfields.  I could feel myself relax and unwind.  I thought about how lucky we are to get to soak up the quiet, calm, fresh air on the farm as often as we like.  He was so right, there is peace there.


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